An Opportunity of a Life-Time

Imagine a future where we look back and say I was with a company that changed the world. Imagine a future where our scientists are researching products that
we need and we don’t even know we need them yet. Imagine a company that spends $110 million to build an Anti-aging innovation center for you and me.
Imagine a company that wants to take you to the best places in the world every six months. Imagine a life of contribution and reward that allows you to be the best person you could ever be. You have a great mission in front of you and I hope to assist in any way. -Dan M (business mentor/coach)

Kelsey Waddell


Nourish The Children

Did You Know?

Over 20,000 people die every day due to malnutrition. That equates to more than SEVEN MILLION people who die on an annual basis. Millions more survive, but with their growth and intelligence stunted due to a lack of vital nutrients.

Through the Nourish the Children (NTC) initiative, you can participate with Nu Skin Enterprises in being a force for good around the world by providing much needed nourishment to hungry children. To date, more than 230 million meals have been donated through the Nourish the Children program; donations which have saved countless lives!

The valiant efforts of global relief agencies and humanitarian organizations are to be commended; however, despite their efforts, the problem of starving and malnourished children remains very real. Nu Skin Enterprises believes that by combining entrepreneurship and humanitarianism with qualified relief organizations, we can truly make a difference. This combination helps to break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition, by incorporating education and training as part of the program.

Pharmanex, the nutritional supplement division of Nu Skin Enterprises, teamed their PhD scientists with Dr. Ken Brown of the University of California — an expert in child malnutrition — to create an ideal food for malnourished children, VitaMeal.

With Nourish the Children, you know what your money will buy—nutritious VitaMeal. You know how your donated VitaMeal will be used—to nourish children in need. You know that your donations will be leveraged with matching donations and through education and disease prevention programs. And you know that you are making a difference, with nearly 100,000 children being nourished every day in countries around the world.

It is easy to Nourish One More Child.

Purchase and donate one more bag of VitaMeal each month — and encourage a friend to do so.

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