My name is Kelsey Waddell, from Edmonton, Alberta. I have a background in business and fitness. This blog combines my interests of fitness and yoga with my Nu Skin business. They compliment each other very well, that gives me the lifestyle I want to live. Along my journey I hope to share this gift of Nu Skin with you. Some of my friends buy my products, some of my friends join my business. This business allows me to work around the world, provides flexibility in my schedule, and allows my to build an asset from home. If you would like more information on how to start your own home based business contact me @ 780-498-1717 or nuskinkelsey@gmail.com

Kelsey Waddell
Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP – CPT), Kshatriya Yoga Certified, AFLCA (Resistant Training and Group Exercise), Montreal AcroYoga Certified. Kelsey has been taking her practice off the mat since the day she was born. Fueled by adventure, it has continued to take her up mountains, down trails & across the sea. She challenges her students out of their comfort zones; where life begins. With students on and off the mat to discover a new sense of balance, strength and focus in whatever their form of practice it might be. Everyone regardless of age, physical condition, and emotional well being deserves to feel and enjoy the freedom of movement.

Get the facts: http://www.nuskinfacts.com


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