Biggest Loser Edmonton: 12 week Challenge

Would you like to GET YOUR WEIGHT OFF and keep it off? Once and for all?

We are very excited to present the opportunity to win Cash and many Prizes. Use this packet to get the best results possible during this 12 week contest.

Weight loss is a journey and we are here to help. You will have access to leading experts in nutrition, fitness, and mental toughness. Join us one a week in the evening at the local “Transformation Evening” for health and fitness tips and support along with strategies to stimulate positive thinking and weight loss.
How To Win…
1. Register and pay the entry fee
2. Check in at the Initial Weigh-in
3. Check in at the Final Weigh-in
4. Attend the FINALE to accept your winnings

Check in with your support coach of the many locations that are available.

What to Expect
1. Healthful Guidelines on Nutrition and Exercise
2. Initial, mid-point and final weigh-ins
3. Initial Total Body Composition Health Assessment
5. Informational Packet – Will be presented at initial weigh-in
6. Meal Structure & Frequency
7. Supplements for support
8. Accountability

What are you waiting for? This is your life, not a dress rehearsal.

My journey with Kelsey began in January 2010. After 2 kids and being out of a work out routine for almost 4 years, because kids and their schedules were the routine, I decided to attend, and give some time back to me getting into shape.
At the time, Kelsey’s classes were the toughest classes that I had been in for a very long time. She was inspiring and motivating, and I was able to keep up my end of the bargain – to show up!
Starting at 194 lbs and between a size 15/16, I was able to release approx 60 lbs and am now a proud size 6/8 and still forging ahead. I am the strongest and have the most strength and endurance I have ever had.
Many thanks to Kelsey and the commitment to make each workout unique to each person who attends. It is amazing to come out each week and have fellow attendees at all levels of ability work together to achieve the same goals.

Instructors Bio:
Kelsey Waddell
Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP – CPT), Kshatriya Yoga Certified, AFLCA (Resistant Training and Group Exercise), Montreal AcroYoga Certified.
Kelsey’s approach to fitness is specific to the needs of her clients. Training the mind and body to work together to achieve overall health and functional fitness. Everyone regardless of age, physical condition, and emotional well being deserves to feel and enjoy the freedom of movement. Your mind is what takes you to the next level. Consistency and focus will bring you the results you need to achieve your goals. Kelsey has been training and teaching since 2008 and brings a diverse set of skills to help clients reach their goals. She has been active and involved in sports and outdoor adventure her entire life.



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