Biggest Loser Edmonton: 12 week Challenge

Would you like to GET YOUR WEIGHT OFF and keep it off? Once and for all?

We are very excited to present the opportunity to win Cash and many Prizes. Use this packet to get the best results possible during this 12 week contest.

Weight loss is a journey and we are here to help. You will have access to leading experts in nutrition, fitness, and mental toughness. Join us one a week in the evening at the local “Transformation Evening” for health and fitness tips and support along with strategies to stimulate positive thinking and weight loss.
How To Win…
1. Register and pay the entry fee
2. Check in at the Initial Weigh-in
3. Check in at the Final Weigh-in
4. Attend the FINALE to accept your winnings

Check in with your support coach of the many locations that are available.

What to Expect
1. Healthful Guidelines on Nutrition and Exercise
2. Initial, mid-point and final weigh-ins
3. Initial Total Body Composition Health Assessment
5. Informational Packet – Will be presented at initial weigh-in
6. Meal Structure & Frequency
7. Supplements for support
8. Accountability

What are you waiting for? This is your life, not a dress rehearsal.

My journey with Kelsey began in January 2010. After 2 kids and being out of a work out routine for almost 4 years, because kids and their schedules were the routine, I decided to attend, and give some time back to me getting into shape.
At the time, Kelsey’s classes were the toughest classes that I had been in for a very long time. She was inspiring and motivating, and I was able to keep up my end of the bargain – to show up!
Starting at 194 lbs and between a size 15/16, I was able to release approx 60 lbs and am now a proud size 6/8 and still forging ahead. I am the strongest and have the most strength and endurance I have ever had.
Many thanks to Kelsey and the commitment to make each workout unique to each person who attends. It is amazing to come out each week and have fellow attendees at all levels of ability work together to achieve the same goals.

Instructors Bio:
Kelsey Waddell
Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP – CPT), Kshatriya Yoga Certified, AFLCA (Resistant Training and Group Exercise), Montreal AcroYoga Certified.
Kelsey’s approach to fitness is specific to the needs of her clients. Training the mind and body to work together to achieve overall health and functional fitness. Everyone regardless of age, physical condition, and emotional well being deserves to feel and enjoy the freedom of movement. Your mind is what takes you to the next level. Consistency and focus will bring you the results you need to achieve your goals. Kelsey has been training and teaching since 2008 and brings a diverse set of skills to help clients reach their goals. She has been active and involved in sports and outdoor adventure her entire life.



Botox vs Ageloc Galvanic Spa

Please see below for some basic info about how Botox and Fillers work and the difference between these Medical Injectable treatments and the Galvanic AgeLOC treatment. Please message us for more detailed information.

Please remember there is a place for both, as both offer very different benefits and results – Don’t presume the galvanic spa wont benefit you just because you have Botox already.

What is the difference between Galvanic and Botox?

The easiest way to remember the difference between the Galvanic and Botox (or Dermal Fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm) is as follows:

Botox and Fillers target the SYMPTOMS of ageing (i.e. lines and wrinkles) and don’t change any other aspect of the skin and ageing

The Galvanic and AgeLOC targets the SOURCE of ageing at cellular level.

To explain in more detail:
The Galvanic is the delivery method that saturates the dermal layer with hydration and drives the active ingredients from the AgeLOC gels down to the molecular structure to target the SOURCE of ageing for as long as 72 hours (which is why you need to do it 3 times a week initially). Galvanism is the only way of getting the active AgeLOC ingredients into the skin without damaging it.

The Galvanic AgeLOC treatment also offers many other benefits such as:


How do Botox and Fillers compare to the Galvanic?
The Botox and Fillers are very localized on the lines and wrinkles at the surface of the skin and target only the SYMPTOMS of ageing – i.e. Botox relaxes the muscles and the lines look softer and Dermal fillers fill in just the lines and wrinkles themselves (think of a medical ‘polly filler’).

These treatments do not provide any other benefit to the skin or to slow down the ageing process at a cellular / structural level at all – they are all simply treating symptoms ‘on the surface’. Most people see these types of treatments as a quick ‘instant’ fix and once they wear off it can be a shock for the person to go back to how they looked before the treatment.

You can get two different types of benefits from both treatments:
The individual can continue to have their Botox and Fillers as long as they wait at least three weeks before a Galvanic treatment. You can then use the Galvanic in-between your other treatments to give the skin all of the other additional benefits (as per the list above) and perhaps even pro-long your Botox treatment.

When the Galvanic treatment is done correctly you can smooth out fine lines, reduce bags and even do an eyelift/brow lift. If you use the line corrector daily this means you can reduce the appearance of lines and perhaps prevent or stop the need for Botox and Fillers.


What people are saying about Ageloc Vitality!

Vitality Results

“The first and most impactful result of being on ageLOC Vitality was the mental clarity. I now have the sense of wellbeing I have not had for a long, long time! Many years ago, my OBGYN diagnosed me with post partum depression and I just never felt like I mentally recovered. Now, at 45, I feel BETTER than I did in my 20s!”
Donna E

“I am a morning person, but have had to use “mind over mattress” by early evening. By the end of the first day on Vitality when I’m usually fading, I looked out the window and thought to myself, “I don’t have time for a horseback ride, but I could certainly fit in a bike ride before sunset.” When I realized it was 7:30pm, I was shocked! Vitality was working its magic in just 12 hours! I have continued to be mentally alert and physically energetic with a noticeable decrease in appetite. I am experiencing no down times and just finished a 10 day 3 state trip with no jet lag! I am a 61 year-young grandma feeling like 21 again!!”
Peggy K

“Today is Day #6 on Vitality for me. After about 3 days on this product I noticed a significant difference in how I felt. I can’t remember a time, that I felt this good. I have had a sustained energy throughout the day that has allowed me to double my productivity. Being a morning person, I wake up at 5am everyday. With this, usually in the afternoon and evening my energy level is very low. With Vitality I have not had that at all. In fact last night I was up until midnight getting ready for a trip. I woke up feeling rested and ready to go. This product is allowing me to experience my life with a renewed excitement. This is a product that I will never be without.”
Eileen W

“20 days on Vitality with more mental clarity and more energy. I have gone from 8 cups of coffee a day to 3 cups total in the last 6 days.

A pot of coffee before 8:00 AM thinking a little coffee while reading the paper and quietly contemplating the day’s activities and our dreams was just some comfort and of course good tasting. Hmmm. I never thought about the stimulant effect and never thought I needed that stimulant effect. I guess I did. Now…I simply don’t have that craving. Wow.”
John O.

“Okay, I’ve got trouble my friend, right here in River City!!! (From Music Man). I don’t know what they put in Buz’s bottle of Vitality, but it’s not matching up with mine!! I am now on full dosage and I’m really enjoying the results…sleeping really good, not sleepy in afternoon, overall good feeling about life. But Buz on the other hand is like Type AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! On steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The past three days he has finished work about 4:30 PM and said he was rewarding himself with something special to do. One day it was washing our windows, today it was cleaning and organizing our shed. We walked together after he did that and then when I was cooking dinner, I heard the lawn mower cutting our grass! That’s usually my job on the weekends!! I yelled out the front door, “No more Vitality for you!!!”
Follow up:

“The “Vitality Buzzz” is at it again. Every day!! Yesterday morning I went out with Tiff to register for her baby shower. When I got home, Vitality Buzzz had totally cleaned out our bar area and rearranged everything to be more orderly. He polished our new wood double front doors, inside and out, and polished our leather furniture, dining room chairs and kitchen chairs. That was his “award” for the day. Then he did his tether swimming in our pool for 45 mins.

Today, Toby, Tiff, Sophie, and I went to breakfast. He stayed home, and listened to Millionaire Training call. When Toby and I pulled up the street a few hours later, Vitality Buzzz is out in the front yard with our fifty foot extendable ladder cutting our neighbors dead tree limbs and dragging them to the street for trash pickup this week! This is Saturday….early in the day….Lord only knows what Toby and I’ll experience this afternoon and evening!! Toby’s only comment was, “Does Dad really need more energy?”
Maureen K.

“I’ve never started my day with coffee, but 7 out of 10 days I’d find myself at Starbucks either mid-morning or late afternoon. By the 3rd day on Vitality, I noticed that I had no Starbucks craving. It’s been 3 weeks now and not a single urge for a coffee!
I’ve also been a morning exercise person. If it didn’t happen in the morning, I didn’t find the energy later. Now, it doesn’t matter. Late afternoon… evening… it doesn’t matter. I’m good to go.
Finally, I’ve noticed remarkable focus and an ability to concentrate in some rather long meetings recently. There is no longer a daily energy dip or the urge to “just close my eyes for a few minutes.” That’s different!”
Gary D
“I was totally amazed with ageLOC Vitality. I felt this surge throughout my body…as though all my circuits were being turned on! I noticed that I had no longer needed my usual afternoon pick me up, and started to feel this clean, healthy, even flow of energy that I used to feel and take for granted. It feels so good to feel this good again!”
Mickey E. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Santa Barbara, California
“I was a little apprehensive as to what ageLOC Vitality would do or what I would feel. For the first week I didn’t feel much, but the second week I really saw improvement in my overall energy, and I saw significant improvement in my workouts. I like to be active and play sports. I soon noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of weight I could lift and how far I could run. I’ve never taken another product that provides this type of a sustained, healthy lift for me.”
-Scott B. ~ -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

“I am feeling incredible on our new Vitality product! For me it is a great alternative to coffee, soda and energy drinks which would give me “jittery” energy that I would crash from later in the day. They also tend to be very acidic and hurt my stomach. After taking this product I’m down from 3 cups of coffee per day, to just 1/2 cup in the morning. And that’s just habit- I don’t even need it! The best part is, I no longer get that 2:30 feeling later.” Eric K. -Nu Skin Distributor ~ Las Vegas, Nevada
“What I noticed is the alertness. Around 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon I would start to drag, and I would need a little coffee or something to keep me moving. With Vitality the energy just flows. It is phenomenal to have more stamina through the day, and to be alert for longer periods of time. I can keep moving, and the increased patience, focus, and alertness for me is amazing!” Stacy K, Las Vegas, Nevada
“I have had the privilege of using Vitality over the last couple of weeks. On day 3 I thought this must just be a placebo effect. I could not believe that the product would work that quickly. By day 5 I knew it was if fact the product. I was feeling an amazing sense of well being and calmness. When I woke up in the morning my head was very clear and I did not experience any “brain fog”. My energy was sustained throughout the day without any crashes and as a 60 year old postmenopausal Woman I feel that I have just received an incredible gift. I LOVE this business and the fact that I can offer the gift of the business and the product to everyone I speak with!! Thank you NuSkin! “
Sue O

“I’m on Day 16 now and My Mojo kicked in yesterday!!!!
I worked for over 12 hours straight with a 24 inch Chain saw in our forest— walking all day up and down a 42 degree slope carrying branches and logs— never had a moment of fatigue!!! and —never got a sore muscle!!! and —- slept like a baby!!!
(For me, sleeping has always been disrupted from heavy exercise)
I feel like a 20 year old today!!”
Alex B.

Order yours to by calling nu skin at 1-800-487-1000, sponsor ID # CA6045529