Redesign in 90

Are you ready to achieve lasting weight loss?

NOW is the time to start ReDesigning: Your Health and Your Life!

Most programs focus solely on losing weight. Losing weight is important and WILL happen IF your focus is on getting healthy.

Our goal at AgeLoc Warrior is to answer the question, “How Do I Get Healthy” by helping you totally ReDesign your life and your habits (lifestyle) so that you will live in optimum health & vitality.

Here’s What You Get With the 90 Day Redesign:

1 Hour Consultation (in person, by phone or Skype) for goal setting and a Personalized Nutrition Plan (value: $100)
Nutrition Health Scan (if local) (value: $25)
Monthly Weight Management Products with EXTREME Nutrition shipped right to your door
On-line Social Media Community Support
App for your phone to help track progress, connect with others and try new exercises and recipes
Monthly Investment: $399 ($360 in the US)+ taxes + $8 shipping

(Customer reward program of $72 in FREE Product every month as well)

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Seeking Professionals in the Beauty Industry

AGELOC SCIENCE COMPENDIUM ageLOC science is not dependent on any single discovery or scientific paper; instead our Nu Skin research and development scientists have incorporated key learnings from leading genetic researchers and anti-aging specialists. Our knowledge and understanding of these learnings are then applied in the development of proprietary, innovative, safe, and effective products. We have a collection of scientific publications, which includes the work of Nu Skin scientists, Nu Skin Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board members, and academic partners, representing the foundational work from which we have gained key insights into the aging process.

Having beautiful, smooth and firm skin allows one to feel good about their appearance and have a healthy self-image – qualities that help people live better, longer. To this end, biochemist Dr Chantal Burnison designed the breakthrough ingredient Ethocyn.

Ethocyn is a unique, patented molecule that is scientifically proven to be essential in the fight against and treatment of skin aging. Ethocyn combats Intrinsic, or chronological, aging. As we age, our skin unavoidably loses the elasticity and firmness it once possessed in younger years. Ethocyn treats and reverses this Intrinsic Aging by increasing skin’s ability to produce elastin fibers.

Elastin gives the skin resiliency and the ability to stretch and snap back into shape, much like a rubber band. When we are young, our skin has high levels of elastin – on average, 14-18 percent. As we age, our elastin levels naturally decrease. Clinical trials confirm that in patients 40 years and older elastin levels drop to as low as .1% and on average are in the 9% range. For this reason, after the age of 25–30, our resilient and taut skin gives way to sagging and wrinkling.

Ethocyn’s efficacy has been proven in over 19 years of research and over $20 million in testing and development. In medically published punch biopsy clinical studies, “Ethocyn caused (p=.001) tested individuals, between 40-72 years of age, to regain the important skin elastin fiber content of 20 year old skin” (Richard A. Strick, MD. Clinical Prof. of Dermatology, UCLA School of Medicine). Independent of patients’ initial elastin fiber content, within 8 weeks of their twice daily applications, Ethocyn users showed an average of 100% improvement in their skin’s elastin content, and restoration of skin’s firmness and snapback quality. The results were identical in both males and females, Caucasian and Asian skin types, and individuals from 25 to 77 years of age. Ethocyn is applied topically twice a day: morning and evening, directly after cleansing.


* Degree or Diploma in beauty industry field is considered an asset but not mandatory.

* We are looking for someone who is ambitious, coachable, positive, goal orientated, energetic, confident and has great communication skills.

* We are looking for an individuals who is a team player but also able to work independently, holds strong work ethics and has excellent initiative.

* Experience is an asset however, we are most importantly looking for someone who is willing to learn a new system

* Candidate must have a passion for learning and must be committed to attending conferences throughout the year, 30 minute daily training calls and 20 minutes of personal development from books selected

* We are looking for a candidate who will be able to join our team as early as possible.

Kelsey Waddell
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