The Aging Myth

The Aging Myth
In January 2010, Time Magazine featured a front page article entitled “Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny”. This article is about Epigenetics, a new paradigm in science, both internally and externally.

ageLoc has always been ahead of the pack, creating opportunity for people to improve their lives through cutting edge products but also providing an unparalleled opportunity for people to take control of their future. ageLOC is a pioneering and breakthrough genetic approach to anti-aging. The anti-aging objective is to stop aging before it happens or at least delay it for a very long time. ageLOC is the technology that allows us to achieve this objective. ageLOC is game changing technology! The more you understand ageLOC the more you will understand how powerful it is and how it will take us through the next ten years. ageLOC is an enabling technology. It is ability to produce a myriad of products. In January TIME magazine features an article about our genetics and our destiny. Helping to improve people’s quality of life globally from the inside out.


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Kelsey Waddell


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