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Wednesday Feb 27
1 pm MT Julie & Dr Bill Toth
7 pm MT Brittany Karlen Messmer & Matt Messmer

Thursday Feb 28
1 pm MT John McLelland
7 pm MT Charley Patterson

Friday Feb 29
1 pm MT Ed DeRitter
7 pm MT Gary DeRitter

Month end calls in Spanish 512-225-3400 access code 796011

Wednesday Miercoles Febrero 27th

6:30 pm Mountain time Jessica Salazar y Rosalba Villarreal

7:30 pm Luvy Leal y Eduardo Rodríguez

Thursday Jueves Febrero 28th

6:30 pm Martha Sánchez y Román del pozo

7:30 pm Blanca Rodríguez y Karina Rivas

Friday Viernes Marzo 1ro

6:30 pm María Gracia Briceño

7:30 pm Claudia Bentley

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Health Care Concerns

Pharmanex Recommended Solutions

Health Care Concerns
Recommended Pharmanex Solutions

Mental stress, anxiety, irritability
Cortitrol, ReishiMax ,Overdrive, Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor sleep or long-term insomnia symptoms?
Cortitrol, ReishiMax , NightTime Formula, Lifepak Nano , NanoCo Q10

Long-time tea or coffee drinker
Lifepak Nano, Tegreen, Bone Formula

Smoke, drink alcohol, or attend business/social dinners
Tegreen, Detox Formula, Overdrive, ReishiMax GLp, Lifepak Nano

Extremely tiresome during long-distance driving, test preparation, physical exercise, or sports activities
Over Drive, Cortitrol, BioginKgo, G3

Nasal allergies, asthma, skin allergies, pollen allergies?
Lifepak Nano, ReishiMax GLp, Tegreen,Relief, CordyMax Cs-4 G3

Gastric diseases including gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastrointestinal discomfort, Indigestion, Bloating, diarrhea, decreased appetite
ProBio PCC, Tegreen, Digestive Formula, Lifepak Nano, Appeal

ProBio PCC, NutriFi,Spa, Body shape Gel, Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Oral cavity ulcer, perleche
Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Myopia, presbyopia, floaters, dry eye, glaucoma, or are you recovering from cataract surgery
Eye Formula, G3, Lifepak Nano

Back pain, myalgia, migraine headaches, neck stiffness, or muscle pain?
Over Drive, Cortitrol, FlexCreme, Spa, Body shape Gel

Tinnitus, dizziness, cold hands and feet, memory decrease
Lifepak Nano, BioGinkgo, CordyMax Cs-4, Energy Formula

Skin diseases including dermatitis, Psoriasis, Onychomycosis?
Image HNS, Marine Omega, Tegreen, ReishiMax GLp, Lifepak Nano

Dark skin, brown spot, Pimple
Lifepak Nano, Tegreen, CordyMax Cs-4, ProBio PCC

Poor body shape, over weight
Lifepak Nano, AC Complex + AC shake, Galvanic Spa + Body contour cream

Unable to conceive, or experiencing loss of sexual capacity?
Venix, CordyMax Cs-4 , Lifepak Nano

Pregnancy, nursing
Lifepak Prenatal, Marine/ Optimum Omega,G3

Menorrhalgia, Menstrual Disorders
Lifepak Women, Estera Phase I , Tegreen, Appeal

Peri-vaginal inflammation or urinary tract infections
Estera Cranberry ,Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Lifepak Women, Estera Phase II Women’s Transitions Formula

Baldness, hair loss, Scanty hair
Image Formula, Lifepak Nano, Nutriol Shampoo + Galvanic Spa

Prostatitis or prostatic hyperplasia symptoms
Prostate Formula, G3, Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar disk protrusion
Bone Formula, Cartilage Formula, Flex Crème, Lifepak Nano , Tegreen

Osteoporosis, calcium deficiency or bone spur pain
Bone Formula, Estera Phase III Women’s Maintenance Formula, Lifepak Nano , Tegreen

Lower extremity varicose veins
Marine/Optimum Omega, Vein Formula, Lifepak Nano

Gallstone, cholecystitus
Lifepak Nano , Tegreen

Nephritis, kidney stone (or Renal calculi), early uremia
CordyMax Cs-4, Lifepak Nano ,Tegreen

Pulmonary emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis
CordyMax Cs-4, Relief,Immune Formula,AI/E10 Ultra, Tegreen, lifepak Nano

Gout (or metabolic arthritis) (fish oil prohibited)
Lifepak ,Tegreen

Liver diseases including fatty liver, hepatitis, the liver cirrhosis
ReishiMax GLp, Detox Formula, Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol
Cholestin, Marine Omega , Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Hypotension, anemia, weakness, vulnerable to cold/flu
ReishiMax GLp, Ai/E10 Ultra, Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Lifepak Nano, Tegreen, ReishiMax GLp, CordyMax Cs-4, Eye Formula, BioGinkgo

Cancer, tumors, or undergoing post-operative chemotherapy or radiotherapy?
ReishiMax GLp, Tegreen, CordyMax Cs-4,Lifepak Nano, G3 Juice, Ai/E10 Ultra

Stroke, cerebral thrombus, brain atherosclerosis
BioGinkgo ,Lifepak Nano, Tegreen, Marine Omega

Heart disease including coronary disease
NanoCo Q10,Marine Omega, Lifepak Nano, Tegreen

Alzheimer’s disease, neurological disorders, depression or anxiety
Lifepak Nano, Vitality, BioGinkgo, Cortitrol

Stunted growth, anorexia, poor appetite or short stature?
Jungamals, Marine Omega, G3, Probio PCC, Digestive Formula

Poor memory and/or attention deficit in teens
Lifepak Teen, BioGinkgo, Marine/Optimum Omega, G3, vitality

Get up often at night
CordyMax Cs-4, Night Time Formula, Vitality

Children eczema
Jungamals, Marine Omega, G3, ReishiMax GLp,Calming Touch

Nutritional Wellness
LifePak Nano AntiAging Formulas


Oral Health
AP 24 Line

Optimal Health and proactive wellness
Lifepac Nano, G3, Vitality

Weight Loss
My Victory Shakes, AC Complex, Protein Boost, TeGreen

Exhaustion and Fatigue/enhance stamina
CordiMax, Energy Formula, LifePak, G3, Vitality

Stress/ relaxation & calming effects

Immune Protection
Immune Formula, AIE 10, ReishiMax, Pro Bio, G3, TeGreen

Gastrointestinal disorders
ProBio PCC

Heart Disease
Cardio Formula, Cholestin, Marine Omega, G3

Arthritis or Joint Aches
Cartilage Formula, Ice Dancer, Flex Cream

Family History of Cancer
TeGreen, ReishiMax, Lifepak Nano, G3

Anti Oxidant Protection
Lifepak Nano, G3, Eye Formula

Women PMS symptoms, Perimonpausal
Estera 1, Estera 2, Estera 3

* These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This document and the products here are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent and disease.

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Biophotonic Scanner / Reflection spectroscopy technology vs Raman spectroscopy technology

The new MonaVie device scans the skin through a technology known as reflection spectroscopy. Reflection spectroscopy is not in any way a “new and better” technology that competes with Raman spectroscopy. In fact, reflection spectroscopy was a technique employed before the wide utilization of the more accurate Raman Spectroscopy method. Reflection spectroscopy deals with the quantification of a certain color within the visible light spectrum. To put it simply, this method takes a picture of the skin and analyses how much of a specific color is being emitted and then translates that into a number relative to a predetermined scale. In terms of measuring carotenoid levels, the device would be merely focusing on the level of orange found in the skin.

As stated at first, reflection spectroscopy is a menial technology that was employed before the advent of Raman spectroscopy. Before being able to measure carotenoids directly with Raman spectroscopy, reflection spectroscopy was used to quantify carotenoid levels by measuring one of its known attributes—the color orange. This method of measurement was obviously flawed with less precise results due to the myriad of compounds in the skin that share similar color wavelengths. Consistency was also a concern due to the fact that color levels fluctuate across ethnicity and skin type.

With the search for a more precise instrument came the use of Raman spectroscopy, which could measure carotenoid level directly and much more accurately across all ethnic groups. Pharmanex was fortunate enough to capitalize on this new technology and design a patented device, the BioPhotonic Scanner, which can non-invasively measure a person’s carotenoid level within seconds. Competitors are attempting to mimic what the BioPhotonic Scanner has been doing for a long time, and the only way they can do it is through a knockoff device that uses a surpassed technology, like reflection spectroscopy.

Kelsey Waddell

The Aging Myth

The Aging Myth
In January 2010, Time Magazine featured a front page article entitled “Why Your DNA Isn’t Your Destiny”. This article is about Epigenetics, a new paradigm in science, both internally and externally.

ageLoc has always been ahead of the pack, creating opportunity for people to improve their lives through cutting edge products but also providing an unparalleled opportunity for people to take control of their future. ageLOC is a pioneering and breakthrough genetic approach to anti-aging. The anti-aging objective is to stop aging before it happens or at least delay it for a very long time. ageLOC is the technology that allows us to achieve this objective. ageLOC is game changing technology! The more you understand ageLOC the more you will understand how powerful it is and how it will take us through the next ten years. ageLOC is an enabling technology. It is ability to produce a myriad of products. In January TIME magazine features an article about our genetics and our destiny. Helping to improve people’s quality of life globally from the inside out.


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Healthcare Professionals

Recorded live every Tuesday at 5:00 PM PT. 512.225.3400 Pin 77546#.

We have a lineup of experts and professionals that will cover every aspect from the scientific validation of the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner technology and the Pharmanex platform of products.

Archived HCP BioScan Program webinar…991ba03/2234001

We offer a Total Wellness Program with Lifetime Monitoring that includes not only the Measurement Device but also the only Clinically Proven Solution, which could easily add another six figures to your bottom line.

You can have: Healthier Patients; Build residual income through supplements to take into retirement; High Tech Cutting Edge Practice; Receive new patient referrals; Extraordinary Return on Investment; with no need to stock large quantities of inventory – product drop shipped direct to your patients all backed by a generous 90 percent refund policy for 1 year

The patented Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first immediate, noninvasive method of measuring overall carotenoid antioxidant activity. The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner from Nu Skin was recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show. To view the entire segment,…ntioxidants-pt-1

“The recent study showing that skin carotenoids can be indicative of oxidative stress in the body is an important advance in antioxidant research and may potentially be the most important discovery with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. These findings should encourage consumers to know their score and increase their consumption of more fruits and vegetables while continuing to supplement.” – Lester Packer, Ph.D., The world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist

”The amount of antioxidants in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.” – Dr. Richard Cutler, former Director of the National Institute of Aging, Washington

Dr.Cady is a Mayo Clinic trained physician and entrepreneur, and founder of the Cady Wellness Institute. Download The “Cady White Paper” on the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner & Antioxidant Measurement…per-Louis-Cady-MD

See Dr. Cady’s presentation here:

Download: “Vitamin/mineral supplementation and cancer, cardiovascular, and all-cause mortality in a German prospective cohort (EPIC-Heidelberg)”

Download: LifePak Comparison Chart Script…hart_script.pdf

Additional information at

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